Nelamangala is about 27 km to the north-west of Bangalore, on the Bangalore-Pune national high way No:4 which Locates on the co-orinates of 13 degee 5 minutes 46 seconds Latitude and 77 degree 23 minutes 31 seconds Logitude.

      According to a legend, a big city known as Bhumandana is said to have existed near it.  It was a part of shahji’s Bangalore Jahgir, and later Moguls handed it over to Mysore together with Bangalore.  Other noted temples here are the Channakeshava, Adake Anjaneya and Ishwara.Last named temple is very old there is an old Veerashiva Peetha called as Basavannadevara Matha.  A free hostel for poor students and a school are run by the Matha.  Annually the urus of the Haji Syed Sha Sadruddin Hussaini is held here at the darga.The town municipality is taking care of the civic affairs. 



 Nelamangala Surrounding:

  i) Manne:

         Manne is about eight km from Nelamangala has been one of the capitals of the Gangas, also called as Manyapura. It has many temples which include the Kapileshwara and the Someshwara and these are brick structures.  Fifty-Four inscriptions have been found here.  The place is full of remain of temples and sculptures.


  ii) Shivagange:

       Shivagange is one of the famous village in Nelamangala Taluk noted for Gangadhareshwara Temple build by “Gangarasaru”.  During Makara Sankranthi water flows from the tip of the hill, people believe that this water which spills over the Godess Gangadheshwara and Honne Devi.  This occasion is celebrated as “Girija Kalayana.”


   iii) Binnamangala:


       Binnamangala is another place in Nelamangala taluk famous for Mukthi Natheshwara temple build by Rajarajachola during 1110 A.D.

    iv) Others Important Places around Nelamangala:





   Elekyatahalli in this taluk is known for its metallic crafts.  Nijagal has a hill fort,