Nelamangala Planning Authority
Public Notification

No. NPA/TGR/2010-11                                                Date: 07-09-2010

          Publics are here by informed that, Government has approved the Interim Master Plan for Nelamangala Local Planning Area  vide government  order No.Na Aa Ee /173/BMR/2006 Dated: 28/05/2009. In the approved Interim Master Plan, the guide lines issued in Government  Notification NO.FEE/215/ENV/2000 Dated 18/11/2003 is incorporated in the Zonal  Regulations. As per the Government Notification Tippa Gondan halli Reservoir catchments area, has been classified into four zones. The activities Permissible in each zones is given in Annexure -1. In the jurisdiction of Nelamangala   Local Planning Area, various villages and Sy.No,s falling in different zones of T.G.R catchments area are given Annexure-II, Hence  the developments can be carried out only after obtaining the approval  from the competent  authority(the  approval will be given only for the activities mentioned in the Government Notification). If any person carried  out the development  in contravention  to the Government  Notification,it amounts to the violation of law. Action will be taken as per provisions of the act.


Nelamangala Planning Authority,

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